Athlete 8 Volume 1





A lot of fighters spend their time at the gym on a treadmill or out for a jog, but they’re not getting any stronger or fitter unless they are lifting weights which will build and strengthen up their muscles. They will never be able to achieve their full fitness potential without including strength and conditioning in their workouts. You have to be strong, quick, and agile with a high amount of endurance. Let’s not forget one of the other main components; mental strength. This is where my mantra comes in, “life is hard, we build strong people.” By completing the planned workouts which are meant to push you, you are not only building mental strength in the gym but also in the real world which will help you face your challenges in your day-to-day life.

2 reviews for Athlete 8 Volume 1

  1. 1stchoicetyresbedford

    highly recommend if you looking to get in shape. easy to understand. great work out plan, i have had many training plans before but have to say this is the best one. for the price aswell is a bargain. ive purchased volume 2 and it looks amazing

  2. hakanunsoy

    This is a workout I definitely guarantee by far one of the best workouts I have used intense but fun also leaves you feeling like a real pro athlete

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